Blizzard reduced finances for production


We know blizzard is known for gameplay first and polish. Well, with the cost and free creativity within blizzard is reduced. Can we expect less of this? If it does Blizzard is no different than others anymore for certain. I think that in 6 years people will still buy blizzard games but not because of what blizzard is known for or stood for. But just because blizzard will pump out games which people are bound to like and just buy anyway. but will just be like every other games. I imagine d4 will probably an mmo, and I fear for how it will be. What I imagine it is will be heavily influenced by microtransactions and all future games will be. No more games with singleplayer campaign. All online and pump in as much money as possible.

How do you think blizzard 2019 and 2020 might be like?

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I’m not to worried, lootboxes in particular has been a bit under fire as of late since they blew up and became a big thing in 2018.

She talk about lootboxes in the first 2 minutes ( the rest seems to be medicine related so thats not really part of the issue here )
But I would get microtransactions might follow, if loot boxes can be addictive, so can making mini purshases to win a game be, so after the loot box issue I think that might be the next issue they will bring up.
If the purchase is fair, like mounts, game time obviously, and so on I doubt they will try to remove it, but useless mini transactions, especially those where you purchase an in game currency to remove the “realness” of buying something that only exists in a digital world.

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I hope they wont become another generic developper/publisher nightmare that tells its loyal fanbase not to buy their game and then wonder why no one is buying their game

They’re one of the few left but you see things just by paying attention, theyre becoming the same premodelled company that makes decisions out of soulless money making rather then being confident enough in their own skill to make the game people will gladly buy

I wonder if there’s like a standard of measurement for it; amount of ideals willingly sacrificed per penny of extra profit

That way dev/pubs are finally rankable in hard numbers

Cynical jokes aside I hope Blizz pulls through

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