Blizzard support interaction

Hey everyone,

Today i would like to share my story, an amazing tale of frustration and sadness.

On the 31st of august, i opened my weekly vault, and surprise surprise… it was bad, so i took those items to buy sockets for my gear. Lucky me i have a 298 necklace with perfect stats and leech! an amazing piece since i’m a tank in m+.

Every1 should be familiar with the bug making some pieces from some dungeons not able to be socketed, so i opened a ticket asking for help.

The answer came late with the GM even apologizing for taking so long. He deleted my item and gave me a new one EXACTLY like the one i had before and i was excited to finally put a socket on an almost perfect piece of gear… oh wait… something is not quite right (suramar flashbacks??) The item was ilvl 229 not upgradable.

I replyed the ticket on the 8th of september explaining the situation and to this day 15th of september i have no answer from blizzard support.

Taking so long to fix such small issue is unacceptable.


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