Blizzard, we need server upgrades for P2


So you have never taken part in a battle for nazjatar? Because in any of them when there is any sort of horde Vs alliance games becomes unplayable untill one side decides to leave.


Not exponential but n^2


Can’t even log on atm…

Nevermind the 2 hour queue, I cannot even enter the queue.


Much networking, much it knowledge, much everything …Uau. I could vouch for your skills in giving technology solutions .


Retail lags way more than Classic. Even a simple 10 v 10 will lag you like crazy in BFA.

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That is not ‘Classic’ lag, that is ‘Overpopulated Pirate Server PvP’ lag. :kissing_heart:

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Definitely not.

You first.

<---------- Pirate servers are that way.


It did back then and it would still do it now.
Its not an overall population problem

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I know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The overpopulation does make it a more common occurrence of course. It would still happen with authentic Vanilla population caps just not as often. Those population caps are up to Blizzard though so it is reasonable to expect that they have the technology to support them.

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I agree. It depends on other circumstances and not specifically any one event.

They have because they do. Just not lagfree in all unnatural circumstances.


40v40 or even 80v80 is not unnatural circumstance. World pvp bosses are ingame for a reason

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It wouldn’t be reasonable to expect perfect performance in all circumstances of course. However Classic at the moment is way too far from that standard. The treshold for lag is so low that the situations are not at all “unnatural”.

Also in the truly rare situations the lag is literally measured in tens of seconds. When Dire Maul opened I kid you not my delay was 20 seconds. It’s the only reason I was able to run through the army of Alliance without anyone being able to take any action to interfere.


I dont care about massive world pvp so i’ll just vote NOOOOOO


So are we going to get a blue response about the unplayability of your classic Nokia 3310-hosted servers? P2 hits in one week, when you remove layering from the servers your services will be permanently unreachable to your customers. So you can be sure after Nov 12, a lot of people will stop paying your subs.

You can still get ahead of this, and maybe keep both classic and retail alive.


u might get a response on us forums.

this large scale world pvp was very rare outside private servers and mangos being far less sophisticated than blizzards netcode meant that they could not contain the lag in the same way. ur lagging in brm so that the rest of the server doesnt have to suffer.

blizzard is counting on this problem to solve itself by people quitting or moving. dont expect them to cave in


“These 2 videos show a significantly large, but objectively and relatively undefined, amount of people therefore we can say its the same amount and call it a day.”

What a great analysis of server tech

Here’s a crazy notion for you: Nostalrius never had even remotely the same amount of people playing blizzard’s servers do. I guarantee you their hacked up servers weren’t on par with blizzard’s netcode or hardware infrastructure.


Atleast then people might wanna start a new character on anything but the TOP 3 servers now that queues got shorter. My server has been without layers for weeks.


It’s actually not the servers, it’s the stupid systems Blizzard set up for Retail wow few expansions ago. Because Classic uses modern 8.x client all the downsides are there as well, so we have basically 1 shard per zone which can handle people questing but have actions per second limit which just doesn’t allow mass pvp events to happen.

And for some reason blizzard have these systems off in PTR in retail and during WoW classic beta, it was fine there, so I can only see this as a cost savings measure, which is unacceptable if we are paying subscription blizzard… I truly think people should unsubscribe and only renew once these are fixed, vote with your valets people, or phase 2 will be a massive sh*tshow.


I played on a server with 14k on at one point, and it still handled world pvp with much less lag than this one, there are plenty of videos of private servers running world bosses pvp battles on mass with people using engineer mines all at once with instant result. We have the technology to support this, Blizzard for some reason thinks players won’t notice that they’re saving some money.