Blizzard what the actual f**? what your doing to DKS?

Is this for real? without azerites dk unholy would be dead and would be dealing so low dmg… wtf??? Will be there any changes to it? i really start think of refunding all that i pre ordered. This is unfair! I constantly each expansion have to change classes due to their “balancing” i hate it i really really hate it… they ruin 1 class each expansion… If you wanna suck, you can play your own class that you love, if you wanna be OP, you have to play what they make you to play… just f***ing bad! Frustration is on top, and cant stand this no longer. Will be there any diffrence in Dks, or this is end of my wow expirience? I have no more wish to continue play game like this…

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You should see how dirty they’ve done Frost. Again :joy:

You sound like you need to have a break from the game - You’re an emotional wreck.

hello, i think alot of times we forget to look at the bigger picture. you speak about azerite traits like your class & spec is the only one that uses them. in SL all classes wont be using HoA or azerite, in that sense we are all loosing power. some classes more than others because in your case you actually had good traits unlike me as a subrogue did not have. i hope you understand the point im trying to make and i feel just like you but that was since 2018. heck reading other ppls posts, they want changes since end of MoP xD

Unholy isn’t going to be that bad in shadowlands I don’t know where did you read that. On the other hand frost will be a train wreck. Thats why most of the dk player is still not that angry because atleast one of the spec is playable even if we have like 15-20% downtime we can be competitive.