Blizzard's great way of dealing with bans!

First of all, thanks for banning me. Makes it a lot easier for me to just stop playing WoW and any Activision-Blizzard games. Never got so flabbergasted and so decisefull to completely stop the game.

So this happened in a Random BG, and didn’t think any off it rather than thinking wauw it’s these 30k hp people that think they can win again.
I literally got banned for saying it’s a loss because of the difference in gear before the match started in a random BG.

People then went completely nuts and sweared at me because (4 people from same guild)" The match hasn’t even started" then I said, I’m not blaming you it’s Blizzard’s great idea to have to farm 100k honor just to upgrade gear. And when this Shadowlands is just gear over skill it doesn’t matter what you do you just lose to those 57k rets and boomies which we don’t have. So I was just saying it will be faster to get more honor when you just lose fast instead of capping 1 base every 1 min and they recap it back anyway because I reckoned that’s what we are all here for right? Which happened ofcourse, then I said, see it was faster if we all just let them cap it and queue again hope for a more fair matchup? Got some whispers after the match with bad words, ignored them and thought that’s it.

Logged in next day, saw my account being suspended. No cursing in chat, nothing, all as stated above, I just got reported by people from same guild in the same random bg and then I get automatically banned…

Their system said “check your e-mail for details” of course, as Blizzard has such great systems, no e-mail so I went online because I was really curious as to why…

What a joke… I’m actually flabbergasted. I reported some dude literally giving me death threats and was monitoring his daily login/forum/wowcheckpvpfr activity. NEVER got banned, logged in EVERY day. So I was like there won’t be any banns at all. And then this happens. For absolutely no reason…

If a GM reads this, post the chat here, as your great system doesn’t let me reread/post it…

Amazed. Absolutely amazed…

Yes I know you can appeal your ban, but that will take at least 5 days, and what will happen to your lost play days? Nothing, you won’t get a refund. I literally cba even re-installing the game ever again.

Imagine, right?

That’s it for me. Just wanted to let you know another great reason to just stop hoping for the game to get better.

Peace everyone, hope you still enjoy it.


Now you’ve understood the lesson: never use demoralizing shout on your team.

Oh man reading that story makes me mad. Blizzard has become such a trashy company nowadays in EVERY department it’s unreal and so sad to see happen.

It’s probably done you good considering the state of PvP is a joke right now and they don’t have the guts to address anything. This post makes me consider getting myself banned so I finally quit lol, too addicted.

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