Blood DK/Multi Tank lf Mythic progress

Hey there!
I am currently looking for a raiding guild with mythic ambitions. My current progress is 6/10 Heroic, but knowledge for all bosses is there.
My main Character is a blood DK which I am playing since Lich King, although I am willing to swap to different tank classes if the progress calls for it. The current ilvl is at 211, but I also got a DH on 195 and a Monk on 180, the other classes will be levelled soon!
My previous raiding experience is mostly casual Mythic raiding, although I earned CE for Archimonde back in WoD. My ultimate goal would be to get back into CE raiding.
Generally I am very tilt and wipeproof and always stay calm, no matter how messy the situation might look.
I am available everyday besides Sundays, would prefer a raid up to 3 Days a week with 3-4 hours each day. Preferably Wed/Fri/Sat from ~20 - 24 ST. Other days and times are fine aswell! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions you can ask them here or add me on Discord: Naeraa#2538

Can’t wait hearing from you! :3

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