<Bloodthirsty> [H - EU - Dreadnaught] is looking for you!

[H - EU - Dreadnaught]

is an old guild, combining members from the Dragonfang reroll project and a solid core from Zandalar Tribe. We are looking for likeminded players to build up a great community again!


  • Reliable management, with many years of guild and raid leading experience
  • Well organized discord server
  • A strong core with experienced members from all around the WoW-Universe.

Goals as a Guild:

  • Make a nice place for everyone to enjoy SoM in their preferred way
  • Building a dedicated Raid Team that clears raids without wasting your time!
  • Build a strong pvp community for battleground premades and ranking
  • World PVP; Red = Dead

Raid Times and Loot:

  • Tuesday+Thursday 21:00 pm - 24:00 pm (Server Time). slight changes possible.
  • We will use SR: MS>OS +1 with some exceptions (Bindings, etc.)
  • PVP items will be handed out to players that are currently ranking

Expectations to our members:

  • Play for the team! We hate Drama and will punish drama queens in a heartbeat
  • Always come to raids on time and prepared
  • consumables are required for raids and guild world pvp


  • currently looking for all classes, especially Priests, Shamans and Warlocks

/w Valtak ingame or Join our discord for more Info! Lokā€™tar!!

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