*Blurry red text only*

Hi all, bought a new TV yesterday TOSHIBA 32L3863DB 32’’ but I have noticed in-game all text in red is very vibrant /fuzzy / blurry? :sweat: It’s on HDMI cable at the moment from PC to TV.

My in-game resolution scaling is at 100%, I tried every setting in game but no luck. My Nvidia is alls et up properly even used the experience software to optimise the game and all drivers is up to date.

My graphic card is a Zotac Geforce GTX 1060 pretty newly bought as well. Any one had similar issue and found a fix?

Thanks guys,

Gforce experience will give you international driver - which generally sucks.

Try to find most stable driver from manufacturer instead of latest one.

Can you upload a screenshot by any chance? It might be easier for us to understand what’s going on.

By the way, i’d suggest to also post over at


Since those guys are experts there. More chances to get your problem solved.

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2 questions, although I’ll not be able to help because I’m a potato in all that, but maybe it can pinpoint the trouble a bit better :

  • Does it do that only for WoW ? Have you tried another game with red text ?
  • If used as a TV, does red text also appears wonky ?

I shall try that after work pal to find out, and that will pin point bit better thanks!

It’ll be your TV settings most likely. I notice when watching live football that the default settings are really nasty for red football strips. Has the TV got a gaming option? Some TVs do nowadays.

And while you’re at it, Google “soap effect” and make appropriate changes for better film viewing experience.

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