BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild with active M+ pushers

Hi there guys!

With the end of this tier coming to end hopefully soon, I would like to find myself a new guild.

I am interested in at least 2 days of raiding and besides that, I would like to push keys with guildies. I have also multiple alts, with all roles.

I am not interested in transferring to any other server or faction change. Only interested in Draenor guilds :slight_smile:

Regarding my XP with raiding, I have a lot of Mythic raiding EXP going back to Legion. To be a fair lot of this XP is as a Tank. I started playing Hunter this tier and I love it :slight_smile:

My XP with raiding is the following:

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Legion - Tos (6/9), Ant (7/11)
BFA - BOD (4/9), EP (5/8), NYA (11/12)
SL- CN (8/10), SD (3/10) → Hunter XP

I am prepared with working with Mic and can join Discord and communicate. Besides the raiding, I am doing keys only, no PVP :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about me, please contact me.

Discord → Jayy#9622
Bnet → TicTac#21383