Bm hunter mage tower.. Pet instantly die lol

Hello guys so i readed guides. But after fight start Tauren fight with my pets, this worm mob just attack me and after few secs my pets are death. What im doing wrong?

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Your pet die instantly when you let tugar bloodtotem finish casting fel burst, that’s a one-shot ability.
He did so while you got distracted by the worm and didn’t notice the cast going off.

Mage tower is designed to overwhelm with many things going on at the same time. Not a problem if you’re good at multi-tasking. If you are bad at multi-tasking then you’re gonna have to practice a lot to get used to the mechanics.

Use counter shot, freezing trap and pet stun for Tugar to interrupt him, only interrupt worm with scare beast.

Prio kill the totem.

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