BM hunter pets rep farming

Hello my fellow BM hunters. Here is my question. I have been farming some old rep on my bm hunter and found a bug or something. When pets kill a target u dont get rep from them only if you kill them. Its not a problem in old content where you 1 shot everything (dont get me wrong still slows down rep grinding hard) but in dragonflight (lets say cobalt rep where they are 72 elites) it becames a BIG problem. You have to lower every mob down to like 5% then put pets on passive so they stop attacking so you can kill it yourself. Blizzard please fix this fast.

It’s done on purpose so that you don’t just go afk and let the pet do all the work, basically farming for free. Afaik, you don’t have to kill the mob, just do some damage. Just misdirect to you pet, then use barrage or multishot,

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