BM Hunters and demo warlocks

Please make the player priority in Tab-target already.

These classes are basically exploiting the system by forcing you to tab trough every single one of their pets before you can even do anything. Especially the idiotic BM hunters with their feign death spam. No skill cowards.

umm, you know there is a keybind option to target only enemy players?

And if you don’t want to have a seperate keybind for it, you can use a nice addon:

it will force your tab to target players only in pvp situations, but then you have to click pets /totems manualy


Why would you tab target anything if there are 20 imps up? Target the player is also an option in settings. Or mouse over the name plates? They are exploiting nothing but stupid behaviour.

Or. BGE click the name.


Target using your mouse. Thank me later

Thanks, I did not know that.

As for the ‘use your mouse’ comments…I use my mouse for moving, like it has been meta for many years in WoW. Klicking would require you to stand still.

The fact people made add-ons for it should already say enough. It should be standardised.

Complaining about demo?? Really?? What’s next?? Survival hunters are gods compared to every other class.

I didn’t know about that addon ! I’ve been tab targeting pvp target and manually targeting totems/pets for 10years…

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at your service :]

If you don’t use your mouse to select someone in BGE how do you hard focus when a call comes for a focus target? Tab fast? That’s equally as ridiculous. And movement between AWD and mouse is fluid and interchangeable. As it should be. No need to use one over the other. Use both.

I don’t do rated PvP. Just use it to get renown pre lvl 60 on alts.

Well, there’s no perfect solution. You move with keys, you aim everything with mouse, but you also move the ‘camera’ and direction you move to with mouse, so sometimes you don’t know where your mouse cursor even is, and by the time you find out, you’re already stunned.

If you target with your mouse, it’s a hassle, and your movement suffers, and you have to find the mouse cursor after using mouse to control the ‘camera’ and movement direction - but if you use tab, you have to cycle through zillions of crap to get to what you want to target (and it’s too late usually).

There’s no good solution, you just have to somehow cope and hope you get to punch something some day before being stunganked by OP rogues and pulled into the middle of a ganking group by some DK.

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