Bm or survival for pvp/leveling?


Hello, i recently got highmountain exalted and decided to make a highmountain tauren hunter.
I enjoy playing as bm spec while leveling, and so far im level 45 on that character.
Im wondering if survival does better than bm do in pvp/dungeons?

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dont think it matters that much pre 120 :slight_smile:
Play what you like and master :slight_smile:


Survival hunter and if you have a heirloom weapon i suggest you use Elemental force as an enchant.


Survival hands down. It’s awesome at low lvl outdoor skirmishes - you can fight back everyone. It’s easy and dynamic while leveling - you have a harpoon and pet’s utility. And also pretty solid dps in low lvl dungeons.

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If you played bm before try survival


Ill try survival later, the highmountain hunter im leveling is now level 59.


My answer to this will always be to play whatever you like.

If you like the melee aspect of Survival combined with a pet and how your abilities feel(along with the talents). Go for it!

If you prefer the BM style with a high focus on you empowering your pet(s) while still fighting from afar yourself. Then this might still be the spec for you.

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