Bnet Update Agent scanning update loop

Game keeps updating everytime after I’ve finished playing. Then, one day, I tried to log in and got error 134 processing shader. Tried to ran scan and repair, got it to 14% and OPS, something broke message. Clicked update and game updated itself and it worked until next bnet restart. I thought it was driver problem and rolled driver back and then updated again. Same problem, error, scan repair fail, super small update, game works for a while.

And then, another error, streaming error occured, can’t log in on specific character. I had to unstuck that character and scan repair still broken, error, small update.

In the meantime I unistalled bnet and wow several times, down to removing everything from Appdata and such, flushed DNS, gave various permissions, ran as admin, removed WTF etc., removed Addons, disabled firewall I even removed .idx fiels from data folder and switched them back after restart. Nothing worked, bnet update agent is screwed, can’t repair and scan, constant small updates and now streaming error joined.

Before this post, I’ve reinstalled wow and bnet from scratch and same problems persist.