*Bond of Loyalty* is recruiting for Dragonflight

is recruiting for Dragonflight . 2/11M last season, 11/11H in SoF we raid from 20:15 until 23:00 wednesday/sunday . Looking for heals and dps to complete our raid team. We also do many m+ runs and pvp, social events, /w if interested, all players are welcome.
You can leave a comment if u are intrested.

Still looking for raiders or other small guild that want to raid as 1 team

Hey there,
I’m a returning player looking for a raiding guild to raid in Dragon flight.
Didn’t play much of shadowlands as it was too boring to be honest.
I play mdps and tanks.

Hey, I am interested. I’ve been looking for a raiding guild for dragonflight. Raid times fit my working schedule perfectly as well so that’s a plus.

As for classes, I got most at 60 ready for launch, and I’ll will either go for Shaman(Resto,Ele) or DK. Though I usually end up having multiple raid ready specs.

Bnet: Headkicka#2521
Discord: Krippy#5014

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