Bot Farmers!

Why are Blizzard doing nothing against these bot farmers? I reported a hunter called Makearo who is 24/7 bot farming in Wintergrasp at Owl Wing Thicket, go and /who him and watch him. Its blatantly obvious.

I believe I reported him 4 days ago and yet he still logged on 24/7 bot farming!!?
Every time I try to make a ticket I get “Try the following” and just a spinning loading screen…Do you guys really not care about these idiots ruining the game and economy of the game?! Try to fob me off with a endless loading screen that never loads.

I think you’re in the wrong place my friend. i say write a ticket

I do try to write a ticket, read my post. Nothing happens or works, just get a loading screen of nothing.

Don’t use in game its broken. Best to use the website.

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