Bot shaming

Bot number one : Msamy .

Seen him multiple times, killed him multiple times, never reacts to anything we did around him, he just automatically uses 3 spells and attacks the nearest mob…
When we kill him he just runs back and resses even if we’re standing on top of his corpse, no reaction whatsoever .

Bot Number two:Tirbushon.
The guy is standing in the middle of nowhere …fishing…letting a lv 36 kill him basically …

Bot Number three: Rabotiga.
Fishing like 20 meters away from the other bot, doesn’t react at all to anything, even when i stood on top of his fishing bobber he still managed to catch the fish without targeting me , when i killed him he just stood there without releasing spirit for around 15 minutes, i left afterwards.

All there were reported with the In-game report system.

There was another guy close by but he actually reacted when he saw me.

Should probably send this directly to blizzard, afaik witch hunting goes against forum tos

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