Botting in Classic WoW

It appears to me that Blizzard has heeded our concerns and started banning botters rapidly, my reason for believing this is due to reporting bots and getting a mail from Blizzard in game thanking me for getting a bot banned.

Good job on blizzard if it is the case, however what could also be happening is automated banning and that would be quite bad. You hear alot about people who are just farming being banned and claiming it to be unjust, some with proof of being unbanned after some time with a apology from Blizzard because of the ban. Would like to hear something on this instead of radio silence on Blizzard’s end, as mass reporting auto bans are real as shown by degenerates around Scarab Lord farmers.

screenshot or did not happen. Not joking pop us screenshot of the Mail.

Ask nicely next time I might