Botting invasion Firemaw classic

There has been a reported invasion of botting in open world and in unreportable instances like Blackrock depths and Stratholm instances
We reported many times on at hacks@blizzard and ingame but still no issue has been corrected.
/who Stratholm or /who Blackrock in game to see only part of the problem which in which botting programs are invading our server and we will have have extremely negative impact on our economay as is to new players incomming to the game and comming back to see the new world explansion rerelased

We have talked extensively among players on server and we all agree this should be resolved ASAP …clearly Blizzard does not care at all about their own Terms of Service or any regards about building a stable and fair environment for all players

It isc lear that on our Firemaw Eu classic server we do not want computer programs to invade our Economy and would appreciate that u stop sleeping and disregarding us your CUSTOMERS and fix this problems becouse they are unresolved after many reports.


nothing new here :smiley:

Let them be, it’s blizzards new way to ‘increase’ subscription numbers.

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