Brawl: Shado-Pan Showdown bugged

We cant que into this brawl. Devs even trying stuff before they add into game? @blizz


Same thing for me… very frustrating when their weekly content isn’t even working.

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I never post in the forums, but I thought this is kind of ridiculous so might as well try to make devs see this issue…

This issue has also been reported by players on the US Bug Reports forums, but no communication from Blizzard whatsoever

I mean it’s literally not playable (lol), I tried disabling addons, tried all of my toons, I just get the error “join as a group failed” each time I try to queue up.

I hate to be negative, but hopefully the devs don’t care so little about PvP that this major issue is very low priority; unfortunately it seems to be the case, and we won’t be able to play the brawl at all this week.

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