Brawlers guild quest - bugged again!


Solving the Mystery

Bring the Mysterious Challenge Card to Brawl’gar Arena to confront Boss Bazzelflange’s captor.

Ok guys i gave mysterious card to bouncer, entered the arena and faced final boss before turning up completed quest. BUT in the middle of fight i got invite from friend and accepted it, thas was BIG mistake because it throwed me out of the arena and stopped the fight, biggest problem is now that my “Mysterious Challenge Card” item is now gone and i can’t obtain it again, so i tried to abadonn quest and start it over with this flying to Netherstorm ect., but Quest wont show up either in start of it in Brawlers guild arena or Netherstorm are 52. Im desperate beacuse this was final step for getting Bruce mount. Any help would be lovely!


Hello Berrytaunter,

Customer support doesn’t handle bug reports. If you believe you’ve encountered a bug, you can see how to report it for any of our games on this support article.

While you won’t receive a response for your bug report, I assure you every submission is looked into.

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