Brewfest is Back On in Burning Crusade Classic

I was aware that this even would last until 8th of october. Blizzard, the first few days of this even had buggy quests for horde side, and with the event ending tomorrow, it’s quite litearlly impossible for most hordies to get the 600 tokens.
WHAT THE HELL, i just logged in and its GONE. i didnt even get to spend my tokens.

Blizzard just proves they’re nothing more but a failure, creating a huge fuss around a simple event.

Blizzard is a public company… but it doesn’t care about it’s players at all. The amount of people complaining on the forums and nothing being done is staggering. The only reason why you still have a sub from me is because I play this game with real life friends. However, I genuinely cannot wait to cancel my sub and never give 1 euro to to greedy screwed up company ever again.
Please just go bankrupt because of the scandals and get bought by epic games please. That would be my ONLY request for the future.


So the complementary post in the US forum was closed just 2 hours ago…

Are you damn serious Blizzard?

I’ve never experienced such a horrible miscommunication and handling in over 15 years.


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