Brewfest Kegs Are Tapped and Festivities are in Full Swing! September 20–October 6

Brewfest Kegs Are Tapped and Festivities are in Full Swing! September 20–October 6

Get ready to crack open a cold one with friends new and old during Brewfest!

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Ooh Brewfest!


Hell yeah, let’s go boys!

For some reason, this event never gets old.

Finally I can log on wow for something, my characters has not been touched in awhile.

i hear the night elves won’t really be attending this year some undead bimbo and her boyfriend burned down their tree house as a prank

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Anything new this year?


Yes it would really help if they did this for all the festivals. Those of us who’ve played since the year dot don’t need to do a lot of the stuff but then find we’ve missed out on one achievement/gift/whatever.


Wowhead is usually quite good for that but no article up yet today. I guess we have to wait for US time :slight_smile:

Exactly … by which time we’ve often missed a day. Also it matters for EU as this is the one festival that’s different to US.


I agree, would be lovely if wow did it automatically.


There seems to be missing a Apple Bucket in the route to Kharanos from the keg drop off point. Normally there is one at the bridge and one halfway. The one halfway is missing. Is this a bug or is it thrown out on purpose?

Even tho I have everything from this event already I still look forward to it every year.

I would suggest doing a bug report in game if you think something is missing in addition to highlighting it on the forums.

I think it wasn’t there last year either so I figured it was just removed.

The optimal route on icy veins doesn’t show it tbh.

Can we get Tumblerun brew for the event, please?

Can we please get a queueing system for the Chowdown. Too many big players, mounts & pets means it’s almost impossible to get a seat.

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Fixed it for ya.

Is there an xp buff?

I’ve discovered early morning is a good time for this. Achievement done and hopefully will never have to do Chowdown again :slight_smile: