Brightness super high on 1 char

Hey hey,

i have one character that for some reason has different brightness than the others. the settings are all the same (set to default as well). also, a split second before i log off from said character, the brightness becomes normal and the difference is massive. i have no clue how to fix it tbh and its kinda driving me insane at this point, does anyone have any clue what caused this/how to fix it?

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Hey, i had similar problem. If this is happening in valdrakken. you probably are under the effect of a quest item used to find “hidden” mobs in valdrakken and kill them.

I thought i was going mad when i got the quest in another character and i noticed the brightness changing .
So either finish the quest or abandon

Hope this works for you

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holy crap dude, you are right! many thanks ma dude :cupid:

different brightness for me work only in valdrakken only on 1char too and change after i abandon quest but when i use ability this cancel. and this char sham with bonus “Unable to learn talent” )))

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