Bring back Mage Tower before March

There´s nothing exciting to do in WoW at the moment, no one even knows when 9.2 is going to be released and by the end of February Elden Ring comes out, and there is no content in WoW that will be able to compete with that game 9.2 or not.

So bring back Mage Tower in late January or early February. Don´t have Mage Tower be released only for it to compete with 9.2 content or Elden Ring.


The Mage Tower wasn’t exciting though.

tbh, I’m glad it’s gone.

And if you don’t find doing Daily Callings on 6-10 chars a day fun and exciting, then this game isn’t for you.


As if mage tower is exciting. It’s 6 minutes of content you’ll do over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

Until you beat it.


The Mage Tower gives incentive to do stuff like level alts. Farm old world mats and items with sockets.

It´s just sad that if the Mage Tower does return in March I know I won´t be playing, because of Elden Ring. Then I have to hope that Mage Tower comes back sometime in the summer and hope I don´t have any plans there.


It’s so weird, I don’t do callings on any character and I don’t even have 6 max leveled ones. Guess I should just quit then?


Have fun in your next game.

Another one who was not able to get the mount in time :flushed:

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It was Christmas I had stuff to do /cries


No it doesn’t, because it will be coming back, and any part of it you didn’t complete yet, you’ll be able to next time. There is absolutely no reason to level alts for the mage tower ASAP.

It has 0 replay value.

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It would be nice if it came around more often. I have a couple of friends that were busy over Xmas / the time the tower was up and would like to see it come around again sooner.


Coincidence that Belulol just created a video about this very topic? I think not.

Also this thread sums up everything that is wrong with WoW in my opinion. People being like ´´uhm aktually, the content you want to play NOT being in the game is good, aktually´´.

Like why the Fudge would you guys care that I and other can enjoy some content? It is often as if WoW players actively want their game to fail.

It´s the same way how PvE players have constantly tried to ruin PvP for PvPers with awful suggestions and policing of content that they don´t even play. Or when players who don´t even raid anything except LFR cry about Master Looter. Players who do a +5 key complaining about switching gear during a mythic plus.


Because we’re tired of endless “nerf MT” threads. Thankfully, we’ll only have to endure them every once in a while.

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It has been a nice break from all the Mage Tower topics. It was getting silly.

I do understand that people would like the MT up all the time though instead of having to wait for it on rotation.

For me it added no excitement though. I didn’t even bother with it.

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I´d be fine with it only being up every month or so. The current schedule of it being up, every 3-5 months or so though, is insane. Especially in the current content drought.


Well there goes ur mount.

Yes it needs to be more often. One week every 15 weeks is simply not enough because you’re not always able to connect.

There were two downsides to the last period even if it lasted 4 weeks : first the holiday season when many players drastically reduce their play time (the ones with families at least, those without a partner / children might indeed actually increase their play time) and second a lot of players didn’t realize they had to prepare gear / consumables.


If it’s up less it’s more fun when it’s up.

It only brings the problem you have to do it that week. Meaning you have to stop playing the normal game while putting all your game time in the MT. When it would be permanent available we can be chill about it and do it in time we have to spare.


I would like it aswell. I agree with this. What I would propose though, is some nerfs to it.

I have the 7/7 done (even duplicates on some to get the mogs, i have DH, druid, paladin, shaman, mage, warrior, monk), and I actually had to put alot of effort into it to get it. As said a million times, the tuning felt like early MT times when it launched.

If they tune it so it will be roughly late TOS numbers, I would probably attempt the 36/36. Otherwise, it’s done and dusted for me.

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Maybe u right about that not sure :smiley: