Bring back realm first titles

this would indeed contribute to some activity on dead realms.

on top id like to ask for faction-realm first titles too…add mounts/toys to this and watch as faction imbalance problem lessens


No offense but now i’m going to do my best to offend you…


I have to say no, becuse many world first boss kills titles whent to exploiters, and I meen many whent, bugging out the boss, exploiting the way to max level, exploiting loot dropps and many more stuff people did.


Your opening text at the start of the topic said only “bring back tittles cause I said so”.
After asking a simple question:reasoning for it? You went berserk? With some tinfoil conspiracy about baiting?

Oh and the cherry on top that you are so paranoid to think that I actually waste my time flagging and reporting you?



I think Blizzard decided it was encouraging a type of game play they didn’t really want. This all out hell for leather levelling at all costs.


Abyzou, you’re being overly defensive and combative in your replies.

Lynlia, your question is valid as no reasoning for why titles would be desirable was given in the first post, but your phrasing comes across as provocative and dismissive of the idea.

Be kind to one another.


I dint know blues where active on weekends aswell :open_mouth:

Listen to Daddy Blue boys…

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Your reply shows in the best way why it is a good thing that these useless titles were removed.


looks at the first comment

looks back at this quote

Say what now?

Two thoughts on this comment:

one: The initial thread opener didn’t express why they ought to be added, just said “Blizzard used to do them, now they don’t”. That doesn’t really give people to go on much as to why someone would want them back.

Two: Provocative and dismissive? Only way you can consider the comment to be that, is if you’ve a… Well, I won’t say too much, but I will suggest that you’d need to have a problem in order to think that Lynlia’s comment was in any way inappropriate.


Can we stop catering to the 0,1% of the players already?

You already get the achievement. You only want the title for bragging rights and free ticket into content on alts.

It’s like that iLvL 290 DH that whisper you “3K rio main, let me join” when you are putting together a group for +15 key.

I can see your mains score, you don’t have to whisper me, you are still not getting in the group!

Can you think beyond yours? Yikes…

Listen, you are very… passionate about this but not in a positive way. Maybe Blizzard removed this, because those titles were causing more negativity towards the community than intended.

They were clearly meant to be a show of dedicated gameplay and something for other players to look up to and aim for themselves. But seems that they were removed after not serving that purpose and being used as a means to disrupt gameplay.

I’m sorry to say this Abyzou, but you kinda bury the idea before it even surfaces. Your attitude does not make you a role model, nor would it if you had the title.

You completely ruined the suggestion by yourself :confused:


It means literally nothing. Why would you want this?

I mean I agree with this statement regarding things such as “First level 120 Demon Hunter” or “First max level cooking skill”, but for raiding they’re still actively encouraging it. Famed Slayer titles are just as much an encouragement to actively raid (and more importantly, create a second guild to steal a famed slayer spot and sell it after, as well as transfering to alliance to get easier famed slayer spots) as realm firsts were. But for some reason every achievement has to be bound to crossrealm things, rather than things popping up on your homerealm.

Hell there’s not even been a server message when our guild got server first N’zoth or Azshara. Not sure about Jaina or G’huun, genuinely can’t remember, but at least a message similar to how they happened in earlier days would be nice.

Hey, like they do in every real life sport as well.

But that’s also a reason why Blizzard removed this. Having a achievement that encourages a race which rewards you the less you sleep, eat, drink and poop is really bad PR.

One could argue that WoW already encourages you to do less of those, but can be counter argued with that being down to personal choice. World first can’t.

Even the top guilds that race to world first, have mandatory rest times to prevent medical emergencies and bad PR.


How about no.

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You’re paraphrasing exactly what the guy you’re disagreeing wrote.

And then you’re calling them mentally handicapped. What’s up with that?

It’s very obviously dismissive.

Provocative is up to interpretation, but I find repeated use of “…” provocative as well.

As an example:

This again…

Why do we need to talk about this again?..

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Except it’s not giving any reason why they ought to be added back, or why it would be worth putting back in.

Giving any reason would help, be it from “It would encourage more players to try world first”, “Because it would be nice to show off” or even “It would look pretty”.

You said it, not me. Don’t put words in my post.

Edit: Just re-re-re-read the blue post. Okay, I get where you’re coming from, my bad.

My second point still stands.

How about no. DH=small PP


Have you ever heard of Osmium? It’s a blue-white metal in the platinum group. Atomic number 76. It’s considered the most dense element in existance. You’re currently not too far away from being just as dense.

To help you out here. They’re saying


You’re saying

“But… but they didn’t give any reason… and it was a valid question!”

I agree. The blue agrees. Everyone agrees.

Alright, let me “not put words in your post” but only quote.

It is dismissive. That’s a fact, not up to interpretation.

“You’ve a…” a what?

Provocative is up to interpretation, aka subjective, aka an opinion.

“I won’t say the insult I initially wanted to say but I’ll suggest you have an issue since your opinion differs from mine”.

Truly, it is me, the evil goblin, that’s putting words into your post.

I may have misunderstood the context of the discussion. Guilds still battle for realm firsts. External sites my track things more accurately these days but you know on your realm when a guild hits the Hall of Fame, they get a server wide announcement.

I don’t think they’ve discouraged the realm firsts, they just sought to make it more fair regardless of what realm you are on. You can all go for the top 100. You have a better shot of hitting it on Alliance as there is a bit less competition compared to the Horde.