Bring back the Faction War!

I know it wouldn’t make sense in the current story. The Fourth War was super convoluted and didn’t make sense at all.

So set is back in time!

Come up with a storyline involving the Bronze and Infinite dragonflights. Something about protecting the timeways or chasing after something important, landing the adventurers in big trouble.

So legendary battles become available to us as Epic Battlegrounds, maybe even rotating on the in-game calendar to make it even more exciting.

  • Naval combat with massive ships and submarines.
  • Aerial combat with gryhons, wyverns, flying machines, and dragons.
  • Mounted combat on horseback and riding wolves.
  • Siege combat with ballistae and catapults.

A remade Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness soundtrack and really cool faction-specific transmog rewards.

Let’s go!


I just want alliance and horde to be hostile and conflicting.


What do you mean it does not make sense in the current setting. Dragon Flight didn’t magically end the conflict. There’s a truce between the factions during their presence on the Dragon Isles. Nothing else.


no it boring, one of bfa fail was faction war. it done too much let it die forever, want faction war? you have classic

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Best thing about BFA was the faction war. I loved the fact we had different main hubs.

I hate its gameplay though…


Man I am salivating over something like that… I would love to see PvP Warfront-like hubs in the open world, and/or as instanced BGs…

Also, with dynamic flying we can have some sort of aerial combat finally…


Storywise the forced conflict is just so stupid at this point after the two factions coming together MANY times to take on a “bigger threat”… should never be a focal point again, leave it as some sub-story with minor affairs, and PvP for PvP’s sake.


If anything, the Fourth War felt like it came out of nowhere.

Anduin, Thrall, and Jaina and like each other. They even colluded against Sylvanas with Saurfang in Battle for Azeroth.

I don’t think another war makes sense, unless there’s a major change in leadership as well as some dramatic event that changes people’s perspectives on things.

Right now, WoW is a story about the worldsoul and the heroes of Azeroth protecting it. It’ll remain so for at least 5 more years, by the look of things.

I suppose the Arathi kingdom across the sea, from whence those Arathi in Hallowfall came, could be a faction of humans hostile to the Horde.

Sure, but a smaller conflict akin to what was happening during WoD (we were working together during WoD as well) and/or some Bronze Dragonflight shenanigans could give the justification we need for epic gameplay like that to be added…

Here is a possible answer to this issue. Make players able to choose smaller factions and fight against each other in behalf of them

Although, I’ve seen this system being used in another MMO and it had its share of issues… So I am not sure how it could be done exactly…

wont happen the horde is way too alliance like and now dwarves will be joining the rank of the horde. Ion is super happy excited about it. Factions losing their identity and the magic that made this game so popular is being slowly destroyed. Your idea for xpac sounds a lot like BFA which could have set up some expansions but the azerite gear with the azerite power killed the expansion.

With so much cross faction now as in guilds and communities and premade groups , how would this even function? because the story would have to affect how the game is run.

Plus we are having another neutral race being added with dwarfs.


Doesn’t beed to be the theme of a whole expac really… Just some PvP content into the upcoming saga…

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I hope that the trolls in TWW will fight the Arathi. They have a blood Feud.

I don’t like a war tbh, but I like the conflicts and friction there.

I don’t think everything needs to always 100% tilt in one direction. You can have normal faction conflict without a war-focused story.

What I absolutely do not wanna see under any circumstances is a scenario, where everyone unites and becomes friends, and it’s “Azeroth vs the evil in the multiverse”


The factions themselves, which are not their leaders, are not on good terms at all. Most people in each faction hate the people in the other faction given the damage they inflicted on each other.
The fact that Baine is Anduin’s petting toy does not change that.

Obviously I don’t speak for everyone, but I never felt that the factions splitting up the playerbase added any magic to the game. It resulted in a lot of friction for myself and others I know - many of us having to settle for playing a race we don’t even like just so we can play together.

And for a long time I have felt that the faction wars have made little sense as time passed. Over and over again the Horde and Alliance have teamed up against a common threat. Surely by now they have seen that they work better when they’re together? And that starting another war when they’re both recovering from their losses against so many world-ending threats is…just so bloody dumb?

I don’t mean the factions should just become besties but at the very least there should be a ceasefire by now.


I can’t see the point in the faction war any more. Even guilds are cross faction now.


There is. This whole expansion is a ceasefire truce.

Cause it’s interesting maybe? Cause it continues the tradition of faction rivalry. Even if we are in the same guilds and whatever, thre’s still a Horde and there’s still an Alliance and they often fight each other.

I’m not sure why you people think it’s ok to just make it one big group hug?

I’m not sure why you can’t understand different people have different opinions and may not want the same things you want.

To me, faction war is boring and has been done to death. It makes no sense in the game or in the way the playerbase works anymore. Time to move on.

How can the same story thats been repeated so many times in WoW be interesting.

There is hardly any around anymore.

You honestly think blizz will go back to writing for both sides again?

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