Bring back Threads of Fate - Shadowlands

It’s downright cruel to force players to go through this again, just touching anything Shadowlands is off-putting yet you insist that we need to unlock covenants to use gear/mounts.

You messed up with that expac, why are we paying the price?

Bring it back.

And while I am here let me whine about something else. The moment you made it more easier to access your shop but harder to come in contact with an actual person through the support function you messed up. Not to mention you have to jump through loads automated response hoops along the way only to then get told by an actual person to " check wowhead " on a technical issue on YOUR end. It’s garbage that’s what that is.
Now with every new patch something goes absolutely haywire and you want to blame it on my computer? Want me to reinstall the game every time you release a new one?


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