Bring Your Hero up to Speed with the Enhanced Level 70 Boost

Bring Your Hero up to Speed with the Enhanced Level 70 Boost

Get back into action when you purchase the Enhanced Level 70 Boost and jump into Dragonflight endgame-ready.

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We know!

You told us a month back.


I’ll buy it if you give me a free AH mount.


So now you’re selling renown progress in the store? You know, there is no end game power component for reputation. Next time I guess I just don’t play the game, wait until end of expansion and get 2/3 of all rep


why would you make leveling interesting and engaging when you can sell boosts to people who avoid it right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That image is confusing… 1000 Tenders with a boost? Article makes no mention of those tenders.

Edit – meh, it’s just the TWW Pre-order image for the Epic edition.

Its the image used for the TWW epic upgrade.

You havent played 3/4s + of the game anyway and you moan about things you havent even touched.


oh my lanta you should not be promoting this like some dodgy boost seller.

I thought retail was so casual that everyone will get the same meal?

from what I see he did most of current content, also you took this based on his achi points while you actually have less. Not many sane people do every single silly achievement to pretend like they have content to do. Even if you do so… many high end achievements arent even worth doing because all they have to offer is another poor recolour.


Iam not the one whining in every thread about the lack of content like breath does, he has been threating to quit for the last 4 months because apparently FF and GW2 are better games, i just pointed out that why pay for a game you hate and done nothing in :slight_smile:

For the character boost or for the new expansion including the boost.

I’m not saying you are wrong, I am just not remembering :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

thanks for your kind words. they’re obsessed with me and attacking under every post i make here yet blizz does nothing about it. i just keep them on ignore. i have ksm for all three df seasons, have many level 70 chars, done all the relevant open world content at least once, doing lfr / nm raids and it’s still not enough for them. i don’t do high end content becaue it simply doesn’t reward anything i’m interested in and i don’t have a guild / team to do them. even if i had zero achievements i should still be able to express my thoughts about the game. people don’t like leveling in retail and i agree with them.

i’m not here to praise blizzard like a fanboy this is my place for feedback and i say good stuff too . people just ignore them.

am I on your list? please say no ´.´ you cool dragon <3

ofc. not i don’t put everyone on ignore you’re a sweet person just because we didn’t agree once or twice doesn’t mean we can’t talk at all. i just put people who are toxic on ignore

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Think I’m sat on 7-8k tenders atm, like, has there really been that much to buy that’s THAT nice? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Have you ever considered that it’s called end-game because it’s supposed to be after the end of the real game?

Fun fact: I have 3 boost tokens I haven’t spent! D:

my goal is to get all class to 70. i have 3 left, can you give?

… In hindsight, it does include a HS and Pet not found in the Expansion level boost.

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Give pandaren paladins, Druids and DH already!