Bringing Arena PvP to Wrath Classic

In original World of Warcraft, Arena matches were first introduced during The Burning Crusade. This became a major way for players to test their skills against one another, and to expand and master their knowledge of their classes. Years later, during the development of Burning Crusade Classic, the Classic development team sought to reintroduce this game mode in a way that provided Arena contenders with an authentic recreation of the Arena experience.

We enjoyed watching players enter the Arena each season and experience the rush of competition. We got to see the first Infernal Gladiators – recognizing the top players of Season 1. We also saw a lot of feedback from the community, and we gathered and analyzed a great deal of data about Arena play. This gave us the information we needed to implement Arenas in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and importantly, to make some key modifications to how the Arena system works. In addition to removing Arena Teams, we’re testing several improvements to how Arenas look and feel.

Updated UI

The Arena user interface will look much like it did in Burning Crusade Classic, with some modifications:

  • You’ll find your bracket listed in the place you used to see your team name.
  • Banner colors and icons will update based on your current rating and ranking.
  • If you’re a top ranked player, you’ll see your ranking.

Entering the Arena

Now that teams have been removed, you can queue with any other member(s) of your faction from your realm. Simply form a group, travel to your Arena battlemaster, and queue for the Arena size you desire.

Arena Points

Like Burning Crusade Classic, each week you’ll receive Arena Points based on your rating and participation. To receive Arena Points each week, players must participate in at least 10 games that week.

End of Season Awards

Arena rewards should look very much like they did in Burning Crusade Classic and the original Wrath of the Lich King. The Arena ladder will be calculated based on each player’s personal rating:

  • Rank 1: End a PvP season in the top 0.1% of the Arena ladder.
  • Gladiator: End a PvP season in the top 0.5% of the Arena ladder.
  • Duelist: End a PvP season in the top 3% of the Arena ladder.
  • Rival: End a PvP season in the top 10% of the Arena ladder.
  • Challenger: End a PvP season in the top 35% of the Arena ladder.

To receive the rewards for the ranks above, you must:

  • Participate in at least 50 games during the Season.
  • Not be disqualified for breaking the Blizzard End User License Agreement.

Thank you for testing with us in the Wrath Beta!


Hello Kaivax,
Regarding the Arena end-season rewards: in original Wrath, Rank 1 and Gladiator titles + mounts could not be obtained anymore from 2v2 beginning with season 7. Will Classic Wrath follow the same plan?

  1. Will you be able to achieve gladiator/rank one title and mount in the 2v2 bracket?
  2. Will there be different rating requirements for gear and weapons, i.e. T1 and T2 weapons.
  3. Will the game continue to have the 1% chance to always miss/resist a spell?
  4. Will there be an armory/arena ladder like it was in the original TBC and WotLK?
  5. Will there be a way to stop griefers/misqueues when someone invites you to a group and queue arena, like a confirmation popup?

There is one HUGE flaw in this system. It is so easy to grief people by just inviting them (pretending to be an enchanter for example) and queing 2s. If you have an instant que pop your rating and MMR is ruined.

Great news! I felt that the PvP is a bit “forgotten” by the developers and now you finally doing something with it! Thanks :3

You are wrong. The fact is that before a group queues for the arena, everyone will receive a notification that they are ready to queue for the arena, as it happens in retail.It is enough to set in que pop not to accept invitations to pvp and it will not do it automatically) So you can just calmly decline readiness and leave the group of ill-wishers :wink:

These questions are extremely valid.


I want an answer on this. If they change this to allow Gladiator from 2v2 in all seasons it will completely kill any interest I have for the game.

In S7 and S8 Gladiator/R1 was not rewarded from 2v2, and it was one of the main reasons 3v3 became the main bracket for the game ever since.

On this one I’m strictly #nochanges. 2s is simply not fun competitively, and there wasn’t even an attempt at balancing it from Blizzard’s side back in the original S7/S8 (since it wasn’t the “main mode”).

if 2v2 rewards Glad/R1, 3v3 will be completely dead.

Viewing BETA streams for the past few days there seems to be A LOT of resists in PvP, like, TBC levels of resists (even with spell pen capped/hit capped with Curse of Elements up).

Is this due to BETA being on TBC client? Is spell penetration bugged and/or not working properly?

This is ignoring obviously horrible designed talents like Sacred Cleansing, but for example mages with only Mage Armor up (60 resistances talented with Arcane Shielding) still resist a bunch through overcapped spell penetration and spell hit cap. Technically speaking it should NEVER resist in this case? or am I missing something?
Kind of the same feeling as the undercover change between Season 1 and Season 2, where you guys changed something and suddenly all resists skyrocketed compared to the first season of TBC. Now with TBC resist talents gone, I don’t understand how it can still affect Wrath arenas this heavily.

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ofc, its PvE expansion.

how do you know? cause currently on the beta it does not work like that.