Buff the drop rate of mechanocat paint vials and vinyls in Mechagon


You need to get them all as part of the Mechagon meta achievement. I try to kill the rares I need virtually every day and for over a week now I’m on a dry streak. Some of the paint vials are abysmally low (3%) and I’m not looking forward to having to play a lottery just to get some achievements done.


Thats a great idea, OP. I enjoyed reading it. I do have one critique however. I think what would make it better is if an exalted reputation timegated quest was added. I think that this would be a lore friendly and fun way to add more enjoyment into your idea


You’re not very good at sarcasm.

Either make some of the paint vials drop from more rares or just buff the drop rates. Chasing a 3% chance isn’t going to make obtaining the Mechagon meta achievement prestigious or fulfilling.

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get used to it.

We have pandaria mounts with 1 in 2000 drop chances. We got items that sell for millions of gold in black auction house which no one will ever get other than some very rich players.

And we have rare drops. Not everything is just there and available for us all.

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Just ignore him, he’s posting the same reply on many topics.

I am struggling to get the vinyls, I did manage to get all the paints but I get the impression these are meant to be long term projects.

I would gladly see the drop rates boosted a bit or be included on the loot table of more of the rares.


How are those in any way or shape comparable to some paint vials and vinyls? They are flavour items that they have made a pre-requisite as part of the zone completion achievement for Mechagon.

There’d be nothing wrong with that if it wasn’t left entirely up to RNG from a select few mobs. Who’s to say you’ll even get the achievement done if you’re unlucky every day, potentially? The problem would be fixed if all of the rares are worth doing for them. I now find myself ignoring the vast majority of them and just doing the ones I need repeatedly with no drops.

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The comparability is, that it could have been worse.

I’ve been flying around both zones for a while. Killed as many rares as i saw when i was in mechagon, and i miss one single paint vial. The one from furor/crazed trogg.

So based on what i collected already, It’s not a crazy super rare thing either. Keep doing it for a month or two. You’ll get them all eventually.


The MoP world bosses are farmed because they drop mounts. I’m obviously not complaining about the drop chances of Rustfeather/Arachnoid’s mounts. These items serve little purpose and the paint vials aren’t even account wide.

I’m still missing three and I have been running the designated rares almost every day since 8.2’s launch. Again, would be no biggy if they made it so that there are more sources to get them from.

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I specifically did the rares or events that dropped the paints, I will probably do the same for the vinyls. It’s just some of them were a pain. Like the leachbeast is not consistant to make it spawn. You can spend the entire rain period killing blobs to have no beast spawn. Another time my friend and I had four leachbeasts spawn at once. It is nuts.

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