Buff the sacred shield already

This spell is unusable. Why every other new spells do impact in couple hundreds to thousand and this think will absorb a 150dmg every 6 sec, getting purged along all other buffs paladin have.
Is this how alliance is supposed to stand agains shaman and their 30% more hp, 10% dmg reduction + 10% element reduction? Cmon how unfair it has to be?


Yeah the absorb effect is so small you can pretty much never land a flash of light on it for the buff. A lowlvl priest in elwynn forest have similar absorb on their power word shield compared to lvl 40 pala sacred shield. It’s not worth the gcd. smh…

Also casting 260 flash of lights in pretty much full bis when most ppl hit for 1k+ instantly and many times from ranged… Yeah. Not going to even bother looking at pvp atm. Game is broken. And same thing here, a low lvl priest have the same throughput on penance @ low lvl compared to full bis hpala at lvl 40 casting flash of light.

You can make hpala work in pve but it doesnt feel good at all. Definitely miles behind everyone else.

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Sad but true. Freshly dinged priest in greens can carry bgs harder than geared holy pala.


this is really sad.

This spell was crafted with resilience in mind. No resilience, it’s useless.