Bug report: Aarko's Family Treasure ( Grand Treasure hunter )

Trying to get " Aarko’s family treasure" but its seems bugged.
From my understanding from Wowhead its seems buged for a while…

Talk to NPC and the first wave is coming down and dies, then nothing happens, no second wave no boss NPC…
Agian talking to the NPC just starts over the fight.
i treid a reload, relog, no dice. Started it, let NPC + pet die still nothing…

Need the Treasure for my achievement…
i got 196/200 i not able to get my archief :frowning:

(i made a ticket in game and spoke to GM “Denvorer” he told methe next thing:

Hey there!

Game Master Denvorer here to assist you today and I hope your day is going excellent. I see that you were experiencing trouble with doing the Aarko’s Family Treasure event to obtain the treature in this zone.

During my investigation, I was able to verify there does seem to be a problem with doing this event. My guess is maybe that the waves being killed so quickly with a high level character can cause the event to quickly reset. Unfortunately, we don’t have a quick fix for this, but I don’t want to keep you hanging here so I went ahead and flagged the event completed and provided you the treature item reward so you can continue forward with that achievement you are working on.

I do recommend while we report this on our end to our QA and Dev team to also report this on our Bug Report forums so we can have our QA and Dev team gather more details about this in case others are experiencing this as well.

Thank you for your time and I hope the rest of your day is enjoyable.
so i now on 197/200, unfortunately i still not able to complet my achiefment because there are no treasures left behind any more :frowning:

It seems bugged for a while :frowning:

This bug is soo old you could find it whilst doing archeology, worring that it seemed like the first time they have been made aware of it

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