Bug reporting

How often should I report a bug using the in game bug reporter?
I have reported many bugs in beta, ptr and on the live game to no avail.
should I only be reporting bugs once on live or should I be reporting them every time I come across them?
considering the state the game is currently in, I don’t really want to be inundating the team with the same bugs over and over, on the other hand, I want them to know that these issues are persistent.
considering that we are not allowed to post bugs on the forums and that we do not get feedback on which bugs are being worked on, whether bugs we report will be worked on or if the bugs are of little importance to the team, surely we should have some sort of report from the team at regular intervals as to the current status of reported bugs.

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Minor bugs will be so far down the priority list they will probably never get fixed.

There is also the chance that they are seeing your bug report/s but can’t recreate the circumstances that cause the bug so can’t fix it, that’s either because you haven’t put in the right amount of detail or some action that caused the bug is being left out and it needs x amount of other people to report the same bug for them to get a fuller picture to deal with it.

It depends on what kind of bugs you are talking about here tbh, are they just minor annoyances or game breaking?

It’s a hot topic for sure but you should report a bug each time you come across it. Of course, if you do it every 5 minutes that might be a bit overkill but generally speaking you should hopefully not be running into the same bug every 5 minutes.

It’s also important to put in as many details as you can while being concise. How can the developers reproduce the bug? What does it affect? and so on. Additionally, if the bug is so game breaking that you can no longer login or play your character, that’s where our support team can come in to help.

While they might not be able to fix the bug, they can at least look into the character being unplayable and work on fixing that. So if its gamebreaking, make a ticket. Otherwise, use the ingame bug report feature as often as you desire :slight_smile:


By playing the game themselves instead of releasing a half-assed patch.


A good initiative towards a good game I guess :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Any person that works/has worked in a big corporation knows how these things go down.
The tickets get sent over to the least-paid people with a month’s worth of experience after a 2-hour training session.
The agent tries to replicate the bug, the bug doesn’t happen (because let’s say it happens every second time), the agent closes the ticket as “unable to replicate”.
The agent moves on to the next ticket since he has a target of 80 tickets he has to close that day, or the next day his supervisor will be like “bad agent, no bonus for you”.

Tol’Dagor is still bugged since release, and I haven’t seen it addressed anywhere.

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Some want more blue posts, others like this person want less blue posts. Can’t please everyone :slight_smile:

It was a suggestion but ok

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