[Bug] Using Condemn directly after Piercing Howl, gloves keep glowing red

I’m a fury warrior with the Venthyr covenant. Sometimes when using Condemn, my gloves keep glowing red (condemn animation). Its goes away when I exit the WoW client (full restart).

It’s not only my gloves, it’s also my hands when taking off the glove.

-edit- I managed to reproduce it consistently on my character. It happens when I use Piercing Howl (on enemies!) and right after that Condemn.

-edit 2- Uploaded an image here: ibb. co/cxdmRmF

I run WoW on a Macbook. Anyone encountered this before? I’ve already reported it in-game.

I have the same bug on my fury venthyr warrior, it also persists through when changing specs