Bugged since 2020, still not fixed

Warlock artifact quest, “A Greater Arsenal” to be precise.

Quest name: A Greater Arsenal
0/1 Artifact Chosen

It’s not allowing me to continue on the quest.
I talk to Calydus, and he gives me the option to pick the demonology artifact weapon, but nothing happens after that, whatsoever. Still says 0/1 Artifact Chosen.

In fact, Calydus has 2 options in the dialogue-window, to “Let me select my artifact”
The first option let’s me pick demonology artifact, I click “select” and nothing happens.

The other “Let me select my artifact” does absolutely NOTHING at all.

I opened a ticket on being stuck on a quest, and got some automated bot-message, telling me to check wowhead or the US forums (even though I’m EU)

Also telling me to file a bug-report, which I have now done.

But… Given the fact that I see multiple threads on the forums, about people experiencing the exact same thing, I don’t really think a bug report will do anything.

For the love of God, Blizz. When did you stop caring about WoW and its bugs?

I remember the good ol’ days of actually speaking to a GM in game, and not getting automated bot messages

Best regards
A frustrated warlock

Hey there Joelkomskype,

This quest is specifically called out on the Support Knowledge base. You should put a ticket in. Note that most tickets may get answered with generic assistance at first but reopening is a possibility for lingering issues like this.

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