Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated 3 August

Frost nova Ice lance fix when? Getting ice lanced to death 4 lances no break on nova.

Makes op mage into even more op and most importantly makes bad mage players strong. Most dmg by mages in arena is from ice lance by far, then water ele water bolt. Nice gameplay. Nova ice lance ice lance ice lance ice lance.

If u somehow(restrains from calling names) still think that it’s not bugged or something, go watch Noone 2 on youtube, it’s from s1-s2.

any chance you can update us on whether or not we will get to spend our arena points when phase 2 releases - BEFORE Arena Season 2 releases and thus converts all our arena points into honor points?

i am on the PTR right now, and on the PTR Season 2 and Phase 2 are both in effect, which means i have no arena points on there, and that i lost about 20-30k worth of arena points as i have 62k honor points saved up currently on live, which means my current 2900 arena points (on live) will be converted into 29000 honor points, 16000 of which will be lost to the nether in case i don’t spend my points in time.

please clarify whether or not Arena Season 2 will be released with Phase 2, or later in Phase 2 so we got time to spend our arena points on Season 1 gear. i want to spend my hard-earned points as wisely as possible.

P.S The “Seer’s Linked Armor” is vastly superior to High Warlord’s Linked Armor, which is just completely ridiculous… i farmed honor for days to afford the blue pvp chestpiece, and not only are you going to release a cheap version of it you can buy for gold from a reputation vendor, but you gave that cheap replica 10+ strength and +12 intellect more than the High Warlord’s version, while the High Warlord version of the armor has +9 mana per 5 seconds which is absolutely useless for enhancement shaman.
like, are you kidding me with this?

Same goes for the gloves - the seer version gives you +5 yards on shocks, while the high warlord version gives +8% lightning shield damage… looks like the “catchup gear” is actually not just catchup gear - its downright BETTER than the current blue gear that it is suppose to be a copy of.

blizzard, what is your next step… tell us.

community is waiting for answers:

  • same faction bg’s:
    no or yes (when?)
  • more honor for bg’s:
    no or yes (when?)
  • reduction of item costs (honor and season1):
    no or yes (when? how much?)
  • premades (5+ player) in bg’s
    no or yes (why, when?)
  • seperate queues for 5+ player premades?
    no or yes (when?)

your communication is just bad. sorry to tell you but its worse than ever. please, PLEASE respond fast this time. dont let players wait again before they stop care and leave the game

even if you plan to post something soon, tell us. im just annoyed of this silence.


I don’t know anything, but that’s not 2.4.3 and thus not a valid source : )

exactly :frowning:

updating warcraftlogs


SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • The Shartuul’s teleporter event has been enabled once again.
  • Fixed an issue where some bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep were missing certain items from their loot table.
  • Fixed an issue where Horde characters weren’t automatically barking when riding a ram through Orgrimmar for the Brewfest quests “Bark for T’chali’s Voodoo Brewery!” and “Bark for Drohn’s Distillery.”
  • Fixed an issue during “Terokk’s Downfall” that prevented Skyguard Ace from casting Skyguard Flare.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from using Skyguard Bombs during the “Bombing Run” quest.

180ms latency sucks and your EU networking is often terrible, can we get a South African server, we have AWS, Azure, take your pick.

I would really appreciate extending the Brewfest for at least 2 days or more (regarding barking quest issues)

Reducing the price from 600 to 550 Brewfest Tokens for the stamp for Horde Players is something i also would consider because of the very unfair advantage in alliance ram racing tokens per day…

Also if the threads are right, the amount of kegs/tokens are completely incorrect in regards to how it really went 2007… can we please get an answer and explanation + you considering helping us out in this disadvantage??

Thank you <3


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Getting updates pushed a few times a day now. Any notes on what they are ?

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