Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10

Well, that is a problem! But still better than lvl 1, I guess.

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Happened to mine, too.

And the mail is gone. For my little priest that´s unfortunate. She didn´t have enough slots in the bank and bags, and her equip her friends found and send her, is gone now.

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6 Arrivals for me, still missing my two mains and bankchars.


1 arrival for me yesterday, still missing my lvl 29 hunter main…

My brave Hogger Raid Zandalari character has arrived safely :slight_smile:

On the correct realm - Hydraxian Waterlords.


From the US blue thread:

I put in a ticket the other day and received a response.
“…as much as I would love to help you out, it seems the finish of the transfer has been delayed so some characters are still missing, but don’t worry the characters have not vanished and you will be able to use them again even if i cannot currently give you any time estimates.”
So for the most part nothing we did not already know. The transfers are taking longer than expected for whatever reason, and they do not know when it will be complete. I have a bad feeling about this.

Could take some more time…

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Tehra now also arrived… :broken_heart:

Now they sit excited around the campfire, not knowing what happened to them.

After all, the blue loa were careful with them.
No one was hurt, lost their memory (level) or was dropped off at the wrong place (realm).

Still missing:
Some nameholder on my main account, some nameholder on second account (but sub expired… not sure if will extend it just for this), my “iwilldie”. Send him from Razorfen to Razorgore, after Razorgore was already shut down (after the server murder started… the friday after that). Not sure which account he was on but i´d really like to know if he makes it to mograine. :sweat_smile:

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This sounds interesting. I’ll see tomorrow if more of my strays have arrived. My ‘chef’ felt alone on the island, and left for the big city to check up on his auctions. I hope the gumbo kettle is not there any more.

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another char arrived… must be a Zandalari. I can´t remember if i deleted her or not, because she is lvl 1 now… thought she had a higher lvl. hm.

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Got 2 low lvl’s. One should have been a lvl19 shaman but is now lvl6

Pretty sure the time stamp they took of the database was a week before they server final shut down

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My son’s Undead came this morning … he’s not level 50-something anymore, but level 11! And he has not been played since before TBCC launched, so even a month-old time stamp should have shown him at the correct level.


You can see all your characters, and where they came fron if you go here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_classic_\WTF\Account\
In this index are folders with names being stringes of numbers, one of those have folders with realms, and in this one are folders for each character - also the deleted ones.

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doubt it.
My farewell lighthous character arrived with her remaining silver (she was buying a lot of beer and stuff :see_no_evil: ) and the correct level (level 16) and i am pretty sure i hit level 16 that day or the day before.

All of her stuff (firework, beer) which she bought the day blizzard started their server murder was still there, too. The bags a friend handed over to her are still there.


aaah good to know i will have to check it, thank you!

2 level 1s I created on Judgement 3 days after the realm was supposed to be closed (13th August) arrived on Mograine overnight.

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maybe i should reactivate my subs.

I am curious if my “iWillDie” made it :smiley:

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@Malou: You could try just adding him / her as a friend in correct faction on realm of assumed arrival. If not found, not there, if added, then has arrived.


Good idea! :thinking:

As long, as no one else has had the same idea to send a character on his travel with this name… :thinking:

reaml and faction, then I try :wink:
At least on HW none by that name in either faction.

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Should be on Mograine. :slight_smile:

I send a “IWillDie” character from Razorfen to Razorgore some days after Blizzard started their server murder. Razorgore was also going to be killed, but still available as target for realm transfers.

I was curious what whould happen. :innocent:

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