Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10

I can’t… I just… you can’t make this stuff up…

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You can transfer for free

All you had to do was transfer to razagore then to earth, that’s was a lot did lol. Too late now tho

it will be Mandokir or Ashbringer

Any reason why the destination realms were not announced yet?

Realm consolidations are underway and characters remaining on the following realms are being moved:

Original Realm Destination Realm
Celebras Hydraxian Waterlords
Zandalar Tribe Hydraxian Waterlords
Bloodfang Mograine
Dragon’s Call Mograine
Dragonfang Mograine
Dreadmist Mograine
Finkle Mograine
Flamelash Mograine
Gandling Mograine
Harbinger of Doom Mograine
Heartstriker Mograine
Judgement Mograine
Lucifron Mograine
Noggenfogger Mograine
Razorgore Mograine
Rhok’delar Mograine
Shazzrah Mograine
Skullflame Mograine
Stonespine Mograine
Ten Storms Mograine
Wyrmthalak Mograine

Do we know what the Mograine population will be after the consolidation?

Wait, what the heck…? Why are you moving the RP-PvE Celebras server to the PvP server Mograine?

Could we get an explanation on this??? You’re moving RP-PvP realm Zandalar to RP-PvE realm Hydraxian to keep the RP community, but you choose to move a German RP-PvE realm to a normal PvP server???

This doesn’t make any sense. Celebras will loose out on 1) being German language, 2) RP server, and 3) now have to be the minority faction on a PvP server


You had a chance over the last month or more to move your characters, so why are you complaining now?


Thanks, Dottie. I’m aware and I have already. Still doesn’t explain it.


The management of this merging is exactly like what you would expect from Blizzard.

They announce consolidation of realms, saying they give a destination list “soon”. TWO months pass with no destination list.

Then, the consolidation is assumedly done for various reasons, among them help players stuck in a dead realm find themselves in greener pastures, to reinvigorate the realm of destination of all these consolidations with new players, and to alleviate maintenance bloat from such a list of dead realms.

Except, just a week before the consolidation, they opened free transfers from any realm to Hydraxian Waterlords, who already had free migrations to any other realm (either directly or through Razorgore, for some reason).

Which resulted in the obvious: the entire population in dead realms migrating for free to an actual populated realm (Earthshaker/Pyrewood Village for Alliance, Golemagg for Horde), including the already dying Mograine.

So in an attempt to reinvigorate Mograine by merging all dead realms with it, you actually killed Mograine in the way. And instead of finding people in dead realms a new home, you sent them to a now dead Mograine.

It is beyond any imagination what you can expect from this company regarding management.


These servers were empty man, what can you expect

That’s the thing, you don’t need a destination list, you should have moved long before that, if you still had characters there then your procrastination is the problem not Blizzards announcements. Of course they were going to screw some people over.

What does that have to do with them killing Mograine only to then send everyone to Mograine again?

It means you could have gone somewhere else of your own choice.

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No I couldn’t, as the realm where I currently play (Firemaw) is closed to transfers.

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I thought it was open when they first announced the consolidation?

I made a mistake while building that table for this forum post. I’ve corrected it. Celebras will go to Hydraxian Waterlords as planned.


Wasn’t the same mistake made on the US post too?

It was open to new character creations. It is still closed to transfers, which I have no idea why. I have a bunch of 60s stuck in Mograine now, a dead realm Blizzard themselves killed, and I can’t do anything about it.