Burrow shaman PvP talent weak?

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

First of all I would like to thank Blizzard for doing really decent job in DF. I am having fun again after pretty long time. And that’s why we play games right? <3

New PvP talent Burrow is up in 10.1. and I am very excited. Shamans waited for this I don’t even know for how long.

But I cannot get rid feeling that it’s pretty weak. :grimacing:

Yes nobody can attack us and we can move in it. But that’s pretty much all what is good about it.
It’s not useable in stuns. It is only 5s. I doesn’t remove dots. Shaman cannot cast in it.

The most important is that you are trying guys and I really appreciate it. I am only trying to compare with other similar spells in the game and all of them are simply better version of this.

Have fun!

So in other words you don’t dig it?

Next time ret warrior with avatar and wings up manage to connect to you think about what you just said about borrow being weak.

In other words its exactly those words I said Mr.Nisamxes :slight_smile:

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