Buy all conduits with conquest

Please blizzard, spamming one dungeon with my awful scaled pvp gear with 3% haste for the chance, the CHANCE for the targeted conduit to drop is really anti fun.

I understand that farming certain dungeons, world bosses etc at the start might have made sense, but to new players/alts the conduit catch up is already hard enough without having to be forced to farm pve content to get the right conduits dropping.

At the very least can we buy it with honor/conquest at 226 so we can play the parts of the game we want to.

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I give up spam they chores aka Korthia, boregast etc… Just playing on some alts with legendary from last season and 200 ilvl conduits… Life is too short to waste time on korthia… And i may repeat myself but game director not doing his job well (Used alot toned down words)


Agree. The entire conduit mechanic is garbo af. My resto shaman is around 240 ilvl and still doesnt have the most important conduit. Last week I spent farming tirna for it and failed miserably. I dont even have enough potency conduits to fill my slots resto. How idiotic mechanic is this?


Just look up rift farming if it hasn’t been nerfed yet. I went from tier 3 and 213 conduits to full in a few days.

Pretty sure if you don’t have that conduit but most others, you can just go pick up a Soultwinning Crescent from Korthia and use that, it should target any conduits you dont have first, and then target the lowest item level ones there after. Plus a change was made that allows you to get more than one of these items per day. Attained from looting chests in Korthia or killing Korthia rares. Hope this helps, alot quicker than running dungeons to get a conduit you don’t have (providing you have most other conduits).

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