Bwonsamdi's pact is garbage

I am surprised at how bad this “legendary” is, the difference between having it or not, is less than 400 dps, and even then it might just be the ilvl difference.

Absolute hot garbage.

it’s not garbage as all in other cases though especially since its a covenant leg and not a spec legendary, like almost every legendary it has its uses in different situations and you’re supposed to swap between them

I mean… We went from shadow having multiple acceptable covenants at the end of CN, with Fae being the strongest if you optimized around it, to necrolord or bust because the other 3 covenant legendaries were so incredibly bad.

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I get it, thing is this legendary can be really good for other specs. It may be trash for shadow but it’s not trash in itself, especially again since it’s a covenant legendary and not a spec one, meaning they probably didn’t design it with a single spec in mind.

Yea no, it is garbage.

There is no other legendary that provides so little dps boost.

If there is a legendary that provides only utility for 1 spec, for example healing and nothing for others, then that’s bad.

Straight up, there is no but, there is no, well it’s good for this, it’s straight up not good.

A good covenant leggo provides good output for both heal, tank or dps, if it fails completely on one of these aspects, then it’s badly designed. End of story.

And this is not just about not being optimal, this is about being straight up non functional. The dps boost from this legendary is literally 400 dps, i’m not even joking, it’s just the ilvl increase from the item. It literally might as well not be there.

For what it’s worth the original design was even worse.

Wait, you mean the original design of this legendary was even worse? How is that possible? How can it be worse than irrelevant?

Out of curiosity, why is your guild name shown in blue? :thinking:

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