Calia menethil and Sylvannas storyline

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What I really want to see is the forsaken showing Calia their true devotion to Sylvannas.

The forsaken have always fanatically followed Sylvannas, everything to them is for the Dark lady this, for the dark lady that.

Even if Sylvannas didn’t care for them they still were super devoted to her, it is shown when she left them at the mercy of Garrosh, they still prayed for her, instead of being angry or losing hope, they just prayed for the dark lady to save them.

I really hope that the Forsaken will stay true to the lore and actually stay devoted to Sylvannas instead of going the boring Calia is queen route.


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Loyalty to Sylvanas, thighs like Calia. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I think they should make Calia dress up as Sylvanas for them.

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Pelis someone make a serious post so Hinata won’t be mad at me for putting the mark of not being so serious into this very serious topic. It’s the second time I think.

Whelp!? :mask:

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I’d never be mad at you :3


Same ! I hope Calia Menethil is a unique cause


We will get something painful, yet typically Golden biased to watch perhaps. Nothing new, anyone who read her last novel knows how onesided this story is.


The bright Lady watch over you, bois

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I’ve read Warcrimes, it was amazing and absolutely NOT one sided, while I hate her direction with Anduin and the Alliance, I don’t think saying she is biased is fair.

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Blizzard needs to stop making us jelly with all these awesome models :frowning:

Why can’t us players get something as cool as these types of clothings and hairstyles.

Can’t complain though, these are awesome and kudos to blizz!


as a man these proportions make me question wtf am I doing wrong with my life playing video game. :confused:


It wasn’t fair. The book literally showed contrast how much better everything is over at the alliance compared to the horde, not just leadership. It was a cringe fest.


get it out of here!
burn it!, er blight it! blight it!

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while storys are good, i think the degree that blizzard are separating the storyline in the game atm is a bad direction. unless i read the books and stuff, i wont know certain reasons for events in the game.

i dont recall seeing calia in the game so far, yet she is someway involved with baine and his relation to the alliance.
in the same way people are able to “explain” why sylvannas burned darnassus because the books are meant to explain things.

though lets be honest on that part, no amount of “explanation” can excuse the terrible writing leading up to and the actual burning of the tree cause an elf taunted sylvannas.


A reality check may be?
You are faction of bad people, no matter how much daddy Metzen whitewashes your deeds with his prodigal green Saviour.

Jainas brain may be frozen again, but Kul Tiras, Stormwind, Alterac, Stromgard, Gilneas, Ironforge, Teldrassil remembers. There isn’t a city or Nation which hasn’t suffered from Horde “When We Lose Don’t Kill Pls, My Honour Made Me Do Dis” invasion.


It is funny how story go further in benefit for Alliance…If was otherwise I would be worried :thinking::scream: Horde is doomed in eyes of Blizzard, the proof is Bfa story. After this expansion, I will never think that it will be different, better for Horde. I would really love that in wow come 3 fiction to escape from activist and hippies :joy: I would rather be a villain in wow than what to call this… :thinking: Lets call it vegan :joy: I’m so tired of this…you burn my village…you you stole my cow :weary::joy:
To be a villain it means… Yes I burn it and stole it… I m proud of it :smirk:


Pls Blizz give ppl cosmetic faction to be edgy in video game
But don’t supplement them with op racials cause noone plays them.

Grouping can be made free for all cosmetic factions.


That change nothing … :neutral_face:


I will get extra satisfaction from killing members of Xx_very_badboy_faction_xX in open wPvP, so for me it’s a big plus…


My pleasure would be that I can gank mine fiction :joy: Especially the people who who deplete mine key. That would be awsome imagine civil war in Orgimmar or Stormwind… result is lose honor points but it was worth it :joy:
p.s. And got title Traitor xD