Calia menethil and Sylvannas storyline

Oh wow, that’s definitely a hot unexplored wPvP area.
Imagine you could put bounty in gold for another player and there was no turn wm off button…

You log in and get a mark for bounty out of nowhere. You only task is to survive, if you kill 5 bounty hunters while marked - the cash is yours :wink:

Rogues will be OP even in this parallel universe, so I can see it as smth devs can do. Shadowmeld bis racial as well hehe.

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Sorry but do I know you?

Now we talking hahahaha :joy:
Imagine a lot opportunity to go wild in pvp, then I would be pvp player.
Give me something interesting :smile:
And what is good with this option you are not that far away from story.
We now have divided factions. Some stay with Anduin others Genn & Tyrande. Others Sylvannas vs Saurfang and vegan squad.

Horde is blizz’s favourite, while ally is the blizz’ favoured.

How can be Blizzard favorite when constantly ruin all!
Horde story swallows a black hole and there is no return xD

We only had a little under 10 days until the thread was locked…:sob:

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Dont cry…spam it spam ti for Sylvannas :joy:

I’ll take Sylvanas > Calia, I grant you.

Personally, I don’t like either, but the former keeps the story interesting. I’m impervious to anymore shocks she throws our way.

I like Sylvanna from start , sure she have some evil plan in hand but deep inside she is ok character. With her story is never boring. I dont like rest of Windrunner family . I think they r 50% for blame that Sylvanna is like this today.

She’s gonna be alliance though, why would she go horde? She’s been “cleanly” risen with her mind fully intact. She’s gonna be by anduins side fo sho. I doubt sylvanas will die too, who’s gonna stand against thrall and Jaina if not slyvanas?

It’s quite clear we’re gonna pick sides. N’Zoth has all ready given us his buff for following him, and for the last year has been whispering he wants us to join him lol. Add in we’ve got 4 new horde heroes joining in for the forsaken/blood elves/undead/forsaken to follow. With Thrall and Baine (orcs and tauren) wanting to join a peaceful side.

Calia will be the undead/forsaken leader on the side against N’Zoth, Sylvanas for the leader following N’Zoth.

That’s true.

Derek Proudmoore needs a lady friend now.

We dont need Calia. xD She is true Alliance squad… running when something is not ok. She could never be true leader. Confrontation with Forsaken is just a glyph of repentance of story Arthas Bro. True leader never show weakness.

If Calia isn’t the undead/forsaken leader for the side that doesn’t join N’Zoth. I’ll give you 1 million gold (next expansion), that’s how confident I am lol. Feel free to hold me to this as well :wink:.

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Hahahahaha we shall see …Woop woop I m rich :joy:
I hope Sylvannas do something that not include N’Zoth, so she have own twisted plan xD In other hand even if she include N’Zoth I will follow her even in Hell :joy:

[quote=“Hínáta-kazzak, post:1, topic:66151”]
rayed for the dark lady to save them.

I really hope that the Forsaken will stay true to th
[/quote]As long as I as a tauren get to either kill her, or leave the horde and possible join the third faction in the next expansioon.l

I would be happy to have third faction in next expansion. To leave cancer Horde and Alliance :joy:

Blizzard made new faction… Rebels of Azeroth! I would make you logo for free , will not charge you nothing like do to other clients :joy:

In that faction would be murlocks, dark rangers, nagas…hmm etc xD

Killing bad boys of the bad boy faction with your bad boy demon hunter. Now thats bad…

she is a good girl, consuming demon souls didnt make her hate all males or cheat with someone.
she only loves her twinblades though… and hunting succubus

because those clothes are designed to work in that specific combination/model.
we as players wear any kind of gear, on various different bodies, and the clipping would be even greater than now.

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