California vs Blizzard

This is absolutely insane.
Hope you get shut down.


I think all those posts are on the General forum.

I don’t like what blizzards do last years but i’m absolutely at their side in this battle against leftarded repressions.
Please use your logic. How can you play if blizzard be closed?


yes because your inability to play a stupid online game enables blizzard employees/executives to be rapists.
get out of the internet


Another one cuckold. Please don’t play this “stupid” game and conversate at its forums. So ungrateful animal. You blame people without proofs like typical leftarded brat.


Try to think about the structure and flow of your sentences.

“I don’t like what Blizzard did over the last few years” would be an improvement, but “I dislike the things Blizzard have done over the last few years” would be better.

The humble comma can be your best friend if used correctly, and now is the time for your to befriend that comma. Goodness knows you need all the friendship you can get!

"I dislike the things Blizzard have done over the last few years, but I am absolutely at their side in this battle against people who feel that public services and means of production should be run by the state for the good of all, rather than as a vehicle for private profit".

See how the flow and structure of this paragraph is greatly improved by the use of your best friend, the humble comma, along with the other minor corrections I have indicated?

Finally Blizzard is a proper noun, and as such should be capitalised.

The final sentence is missing the word ‘should’.

“If Blizzard should be closed”.

Which is somewhat clumsy, but structurally sound. “In the event of Blizzard’s closure” would be better.

Grammarly-substitute is here. Hm you are still on fire, hehe. So long post but nothing useful to say…

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This colloquialism is typically used with two ‘mms’ to denote length.

The second sentence would benefit from a qualifier of ‘you have’.

“So, long post but nothing useful to say.”

Commas Yakubovich. Commas, commas, commas. I cannot stress this enough.

Only one full stop is required at the end of a sentence.


the fact you’re not banned for the things you’ve been saying is testament to how activison blizzard has a toxic work environment. Also you pretty much are brand new on this forum and you decide to join in by using an alt right stance in a discussion about frat boy behavior?

Leftism and woke behavior is toxic, defending your brotherhood of the alt right without any detailed information on this situation isn’t just a red flag, it’s a gigantic sign you are a toxic alt right lunatic.

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Ok man. We should wait for the results.

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No loss if Blizzard closes, retail is complete trash and private servers will still exist, so I will still be able to play.

Good job California! Much respect.

N.B. You probably will want to stop using terms like “leftarded” if you want to be taken seriously in life.


I don’t need approval from you. Cool story. When the admins of private servers ban you for nothing or char base be wiped we’ll return to your post.

i dont get why a Blizzard emplyee is able to say this on the forum.
0 respect for this company.
We all know your fake accounts, just waiting for another streamer video to expose your arses.
There is a reason your accounts dont get banned

Fake-accounts? Streamer video with exposure? Are you healthy?

Lol you have gone full pepega, kekw

Oh, here he is again.
The racist, homophobic, woman-hating Slav (aren’t they all?).

I hope Russia rapes you worthless Slavic peasants again and keep you muzzled like in the good old days.

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