Call Fel Lord and Observer

(Warferno) #1

Can these 2 spells please see some love? Right now the mighty Fel Lord has 40k hp and dies within 2 seconds due to cleaves, and the Observer can be 1-2 shotted by ST spells…

Really cool and flavorful spells, it’s a shame that they are so bad compared to their Legion versions!


it would be nice if they could be viable.

Fel lord was used as a defensive vs melee cleaves and provided more options rather than just having one. Never did get to play around properly with observer tho.

But i support your idea fully.

(Mêphâlâ) #3

Both talents was nerfed significantly by in different levels.
Fel lord as melee based demon, with slow attack rate and vulnerability for any CC is absolutely unreasonably was nerfed from pure damage dealing mechanics to 5% of max enemy health. His damage may be big only when he strikes enemies like tanks.
Observer is absolutely useless spell right now. From pure usability this is a nightmare.

  • As a warlock you need to walk to the point where you want to place observer, because observer only spawns on your possition.
  • Observer’s eyebeams only hit on 20 yd range target that cast harmful spells.
  • Most of the harmful spells has cast range 40 yd.
  • Observer has extremely low amount of HP ~10% of your max health, and pet does not benefit from “avoidance” passive effect.