Called it! (Spoilers for 8.2)


But our Dk’s can’t have golden eyes!


Ye but they look like the Sayn’layn! (Or however you spell it). That is worth like 8 gold eyes.

Where are my gold eyes!?


didn’t you get a straight back?
and a new racial skin option?


The skin was an Allied race so that doesn’t count.

Straight back… urghhh. Alright we can burn down Org and then rebuild it with less metal, can I have my eyes now?

(Steala) #429

I don’t like the new skin. It would be better if they would add a mohawk and this short hairstyle which isn’t avaible.

(Daltor) #430

How can you hate poor old forgettable Ji Firepaw!?

(Steala) #431

He is even on the ship on Zuldazar… but you can’t get to him…

(Daltor) #432

At least you guys have models with more than 5 polygons in them.

(Mälfurion) #433

Imagine Kael returning and the entire patch vs Kael there are no Blood Elves. think about it.

(Daltor) #434

Yeah, Azshara is a big deal in the nelf storyline which will get washed over in favour of Nightborne and Horde story.

It will happen.

(Leíá) #435

Nightborne are the new “Night Elves.” Haven’t you heard

“Night Elves” re-branded when BFA released.

(Mälfurion) #436

Keep dreaming, did you get your dose of daily arcane today?

(Elyssarain) #437

Bad Nightborne.

(Leíá) #438

I did.

We got a decent amount at Bashal’Aran :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Nightborne scum, get off my faction.

(Leíá) #440

“You really must attend one of our parties in the Court of Stars…I never saw anyone more in need of a mask.”


Coming from a Nightborne :rofl:.

Indeed I shall, you would know all about hiding how bad your faces and models are.

(Leíá) #442

Atleast we no longer bow down to alliance-overlords.

How is that old retired war veteran on Draenor? How long did he last against the plot-armor Draenei…?

And “your faction.” Don’t make me laugh…you lot are later arrivals. We were one of the first recruits and we have aided the Horde’s cause, thoroughly.


Naaaaa, you bow down to a Lich King wannabe.

How fun is it being used as a pawn for her own survival and being tricked into think she cares about you?

Exarch Hellscream will lead the way to a golden age.

Oh ye, having fun building sandcastles and digging up stones.

(Ikaallu) #444

And here I thought the tales of the Nightborne being ungrateful was an exaggeration! The Army of the Light has no use for people as fickle as that, as allies. Begone, servant of darkness!