Camera follow gone

So when using A or D to turn, camera used to follow, unless mouse click was being held. I sometimes used this out of combat, now just noticed its gone… And there is no option to change back? What is this, i’m assuming a bug? Any fix?

For information: Interface > Camera has the following options:

Water collision
Auto follow speed
Camera follow style.

Neither one of these are applicable to the issue i’m having. I also tried all camera following style, neither of them are wrong and i always used “never adjust”

I have this issue too. It’s even making me motion sick because I attempt to press A or D and the camera doesn’t move along with me. While I expect it to. Lol

EDIT: Turns out /reload fixed it for me.

“/reload” It didn’t help me. Previously, when I pressed A or D, the character moved sideways to the left or right. Now the camera is rotating. Is there any way to make the camera fixed and my character move as before?