Can anyone please, pretty please explain Fae Guardians to me pls

I am gearing this guy, and dont have the 4 set or leggos yet, will get soon. The struggle is REAL without them as Disc tbh.

Now besides that, I have a small grasp on Fae Guardians, but I need a detailed breakdown as to how this works with the conduit and leggos.

It’s my understanding that I can press the actual FG ability on anyone and they get the two Fairies. Yet if I press one of the designated abilities, the fairy moves to that target, and leaves behind an 80% copy of the fairy benefit on the old target. Now how does the Leggo interact with this?

1) When I cast FG on a target, does it just straight up double the CDR and DR of the target?
2) Do I press the actual FG ability to move the mask to another target?
3) If that is the case, do I have to have the fairy on a terget for the mask to fully copy that benefit?
4) Does the copy from the conduit only work once, or can I leave multiple 80% copies?

Really this ability is a mind F to me.

If both buffs are on the target, the mask will only duplicate one of them. CDR is prio over DR, but you can switch it by using shield on the target (casting shadow mend after that will swap duplicate back to CDR).

TLDR: when you first use FG on a target, it will have 20% DR and 100+50% CDR.
If you then use shield on the target, it will have 20+20% DR and 100% CDR.

Yes. The icon will change once you activate FG. The duplicate is off gcd.

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but yes you need to have a buff up to be able to duplicate something.

Havent used the conduit myself, but the wording definitely gives the impression you can have multiple lingering for the set duration.

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