Can I have wow on my Xbox please

The series X has the equivalent of a 2060 and super fast SSD.

It’s definately not a technical reason for it not being on xbox. Also WoW has controller support.

1 + 1 = 2

Also If I can fit my wow sub into my gamepass sub double win !


2-1x1= 1
I used to love math


it also has keyboard and mouse support. why would you willingly play this game with a way inferior method

but as long as they dont cater to console boys i dont mind if you can play this on your xbox

Aye I don’t see the problem, one x is more then powerful for WoW. Will flat out destroy most of the player bases Pc too lol. And like you said has mouse and keyboard support, and 0 bots, cheats etc. I’d actually prefer to play wow on a one x would be a way better experience. Especially with VOIP integrated, could make for some awesome social experiences.

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I have a 15 year old XBox 360, graphics settings 1 maybe??

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ive been wanting to try pvping with a controller and scuff pad
sounds like movement would be Overpowered though, i could imagine setting my Sensitivity to max , and spinning circles around people

Controller is infinitely more comfortable than keyboard + mouse, though.

Jokes aside. Xbox 360 doesn’t support Game Pass afaik.

I tried playing WoW with a controller once, it felt weird to play and I had to keep remembering which combination of keys were my interrupt.

It’s like trying to get used to something radically different takes some time and practice. Like if you switch to a different class and change keybinds.

Doesn’t take away from the controller being mighty comfortable to play with.

Sure. Makes you extremely easy kill. Nothing beats mouse and keyboard. How do you do combat looks with controller? And move and target and activate simultanously? You can’t.


The Xbox has M+KB support, if wow went into game pass for XBOX I’ll probably buy one and ditch the PC.

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With one of the joysticks.

With the other.

With, say, trigger and/or shoulder buttons, or the D-pad?


All of those can be pressed and used simulatenously.

I just described one way how you can. There are plenty more.

You cant really. You press left mouse button for free mouse look, while moving to particular direction with your keyboard and are constantly in combat. With controller is way more clunky. Might work better as melee tough.

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It is possible you can’t. I can, and it’s neither hard, nor clunky.

It really is not.

I tried for several weeks when I did this, I went at it quite a bit using multiple classes/specs (ranged and melee) in both the open world and in dungeons and it just wasn’t for me.

It really isn’t like switching classes, having abilities change for the keys you press is nothing like completely changing the type of hardware hardware you use to get the same thing done.

I agree there is a level of comfort you can get playing with a controller that can’t be gained using a keyboard and mouse, however with WoW it just feels more practical to use a keyboard and mouse.

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I’ve been playing with a controller and kb+mouse interchangebly for two years now, in dungeons, in the open world, and a bit of BGs here and there too.

Took me about 3-4 weeks to settle into it, and a bit more to figure out how I like it best, but afterwards, it’s been an amazing experience.

Both require getting used to, and both are things that aren’t for everybody. Doesn’t make neither controllers, nor certain classes any worse than others.

The major reason kb+mouse feels more practical is because you’ve been using that for the vast majority of your WoW career. It’s familiarity.

Also xbox just bought activision blizzard,so for sure thats more possible now than it was before !

It’s what you are used to playing with, and most comfortable playing with. I don’t get those who have problems with being able to use a controller. As is for healing I use a multi button gaming mouse with clique and grid2, not much different button wise to using a controller.

playig wow with controller… hmmm GCD’s and casting time. i would go mental for the low apm, maybe work for melee/bm hunter. but for those low apm classes it sounds like living nightmare of sleepy content.

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